Pastry chef Amaury Guichon has once again created art with his latest confection. Guichon, who has amassed a social media following well into the millions, recently shared a video of himself creating an incredibly realistic, edible Connect 4 set out of chocolate and cookies.

In the video, we get a behind-the-scenes look at how exactly the pastry chef created his chocolate masterpiece. He starts off by using a high-tech machine to carefully cut circles out of flat blue chocolate (hello, precision!), making the grid. Once the Connect 4 board has been expertly pieced together, it's on to the game pieces, which are made using a cookie center.

For those curious about the exact ingredients in the Connect 4 set, Guichon provided a bit of insight into the various elements that made up the game on Instagram.

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"This very playful creation is composed with a yellow cookie (lemon ganache and vanilla lemon sable with a thin shell of crunchy white chocolate) and a red cookie (raspberry ganache, vanilla crunchy sable and a thin white chocolate shell)," Guichon wrote. "The grid is made out of white chocolate colored in blue and is fully functional."

Take a look at Guichon's Instagram and TikTok profiles and you'll be treated to a variety of photos and videos of his pastry creations. One of his latest is a chocolate shark that looks so incredibly realistic one can't help but wonder who'll be doing the actual biting.

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