This summer, Team Delish has tried more weird ice creams than we can count. We've eaten flavors infused with deviled eggs, fried chicken, spinach, and even beer. I've said it before and I'll say it again: we're either in the middle of an ice cream renaissance or the dark ages.

Just when we thought we'd eaten the weirdest possible treats, Oscar Mayer came to us with a controversial new collaboration with PopBar. The brand behind our favorite wieners for backyard barbecues has made a popsicle that tastes just like a hot dog.

Earlier this summer, Oscar Mayer pitched "wonderfully odd ways to enjoy the iconic wiener beyond grilling" to its fans, asking them to decide if their wacky ideas are "stupid or genius." As part of their campaign, they showed us wiener cakes, bouquets, and even rakes—but it was their "Cold Dog" that got the internet talking.

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While the response to the frozen hot dog was polarizing, tens of thousands of fans deemed the treat to be genius. The people had spoken, so Oscar Mayer delivered and made the Cold Dog a real thing.

Ahead of the launch, the Oscar Mayer team came to Delish Headquarters in the famous Wienermobile to hand-deliver the popsicles. I even got to fulfill a childhood dream by hopping in the Wienermobile for a ride.

Oscar Mayer decided to partner with PopBar for this project because they use creamy gelato as the base for their popsicles. For the Cold Dog, they flavored gelato with the smokey, umami notes of an Oscar Mayer wiener and topped off the pop with a drizzle of mustard-colored white chocolate.

To be frank (pun intended), I was beyond skeptical of how they could make a hot dog popsicle taste good. And somehow, they managed to do it! The gelato is extremely creamy and has a strong smokey flavor that balances out the popsicle's delicate sweetness. The sweet "mustard" drizzle makes it taste more like a proper ice cream.

The Oscar Mayer Cold Dog is available now through August 27. In celebration of its debut, the Wienermobile will travel around New York City and the Jersey Shore selling popsicles for $2 each. For more information on the Cold Dog and where to find the Wienermobile this week, visit and Oscar Mayer on Instagram.

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